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Edit Translations

To prepare your store for usage in other languages, you have to translate appropriate words and phrases from English to the necessary language.

Translate user interface

There are two ways to translate the interface:

  1. Using a word tree - it's a straightforward technique discussed below.
  2. Using a Live Translation tool, which allows you to translate user interface directly from the front-end. To start using live translation tool, go to the "Customize -> Live Customization".

To translate interface using the word tree:

Step 1: Select a file.

Step 2: Enter the corresponding translations in the fields provided.

For example:

  • Ubersetzen - your translation goes here;
  • _live_translate - a variable name;
  • Translate is the default value, which is used if the text field is left empty.

Step 3: This step is optional. You can use the translation filter for finding particular words or phrases. The search is carried out on the default values in English and translations as well, but only within the word group chosen in the first step. You can search all groups by marking the "Search all files" checkbox.

The following filtering options are available:

  • All – show all the existing words;
  • Not translated – show words that have not been translated;
  • Translated – display only translated words.

The results that match your search criteria appear below automatically.

Note: By default, only front-end language files are available for translation, but you can as well translate back-end. To enable back-end language files, go to the "Settings -> Configuration -> Back-end Administration" section.

Translate product info


If you have at least two languages in your system, you can translate products, categories, attributes and other data directly from their management pages (e.g. product's modification page). The fields for entering translations are typically placed below the main data form.

To translate information into other languages, click on the particular language tab.

Find missing translations


To find missing translations:

  1. Select "Not translated" in the Translation Filter.
  2. Mark the "Search all files" checkbox.

Fields with missing translations should appear automatically.

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