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Getting Started

Once you have installed LiveCart, you are almost set to start your business. Here is a quick start guide.

  1. Accessing your store. To access your store, use your usual URL address. If you want to access administration section, simply add "/backend" to your store's URL (e.g. To log in use the same e-mail address and password from the installation.
  2. LiveCart comes with a complete help system. You can access context-sensitive help right from the back-end by clicking the help link in the top right corner. You might as well visit our forums or support center for more help.
  3. Try it yourself. The best way to get around LiveCart is to spend a few minutes in back-end creating products and categories, once you feel comfortable with the main features see as well "Customization" section.
  4. Tell us that you think. Your feedback is most valuable to us and we would appreciate any response whatsoever. Feel free to email us at with suggestions or any questions.

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