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Live Customization

Live Customization offers you two handy tools that are intended to help you translate and modify LiveCart's graphical user interface (GUI). Customization mode lets you locate and edit source code templates. That is, you can change and save code templates directly in the GUI. When the translation mode is turned on, you can translate most menus and captions.

Customize templates

To modify templates:

  1. Click the "Turn ON Live Customization Mode" link.
  2. Then proceed to the front-end.
  3. When the customization mode is on, you will notice how moving your mouse cursor affects distinct areas of your store website. These are the chunks of the the web site and each of them is controlled by a particular template. To modify a part of your web site you have to edit appropriate template.

  4. When you locate the necessary template, click on its name.
  5. Make necessary changes to the template and click the "Save Template" button.
  6. Changes made should appear in the interface instantly.

Note: You can also manage templates in the "Customize -> Edit Templates" section.

Translate user interface


The Live Translation mode is useful not only to translate the user interface to another language, but also to make changes in existing language setups (including English). If you're looking to make some revisions to the wording of the menus and messages of your store, Live Translation should be more convenient than the regular translation tool, because you can edit the wording as you see it in your pages.

  1. Click the "Turn ON Live Translation Mode" link.
  2. Click the "Continue to store front-end" link.
  3. In the front-end, switch a language to which you want to translate the interface.
  4. To translate particular details of the user interface, drag your mouse cursor over a word or a phrase and click the yellow "Translate" pop-up once it appears.
  5. Enter translation in the field and click Save Translation.
  6. You should see translations straight away.

Note: You can also translate interface to other languages in the "Edit Languages" section.

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